Are you a 'Maker'?

And are you looking for a co-creator?
Are you a student or alumnus (graduated within the past 5 years) of one of the Dutch art schools ánd are you looking for a colleague from a different art discipline to help with your project? Through Maker zoekt Maker you will find the person you need! Apart from finding your match you can also submit your project to be considered to receive financial support worth up to € 2.500,-. Every quarter one project recieves this wonderful prize!

Epos Ensemble wins financial support!

First round Maker zoekt Maker succesful, 23 matches found!

Congratulations!! The Epos Ensemble (wind quintet) & Nynke Koopmans (scenographer) won the very first Maker zoekt Maker support! The Keep an Eye Foundation is very enthusiastic about this creative collaboration for the project 'de Wraak van Lorre' that needs a very special foldable decor and costumes to make Tosca Menten's childrensbook come to life in a storytelling concert for the entire family (+6)

The Epos Ensemble's project was chosen out of 18 submittions in this first round of Maker zoekt Maker. Deadline for the next round is October 1st. Submit your own project or scroll though the applications to see if you might be the perfect match for somebody else's project!

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