Are you a 'Maker'?

And are you looking for a co-creator?
Are you a student or alumnus (graduated within the past 5 years) of one of the Dutch art schools ánd are you looking for a colleague from a different art discipline to help with your project? Through Maker zoekt Maker you will find the person you need! Apart from finding your match you can also submit your project to be considered to receive financial support worth up to € 2.500,-. Every quarter one project recieves this wonderful prize!




LAWINE wins 6th edition of Maker zoekt Maker!

With this funding singer/musician Judith Rijsenbrij (CvA Pop) & fashiondesigner Esra Copur (HKU Fashion Design) want to realise a fashion-installation that will be shown in a short film that is a visual pilar for puntjudith's next EP.

The most important theme in their collaboration is the awareness of a generation of millennials. In this, Esra Copur's sustainable way of working connects seamlessly with puntjudith's musical search of a generation for something to hold on to in everyday life.

Fifth round of Maker zoekt Maker successfully completed!

Echo is a story in sung vowels, portrayed by singers. An opera with almost no text, or a ballet performed by professional singers. Floris Kappeyne (pianist, CvA) has written a composition for 8 singers, synthesizer and percussion. In dialogue with the composition and singers, Sophie Prins (dancer and singer, AHK) creates the choreography, after which Maria Langerhorst connects to this with the costume design.
In the performance the individual (the main character) decides to break away from the social environment in order to achieve full autonomy. The individual manages to break free, but the story ends tragically: the individual realizes that she has entered a new social environment that affects her autonomy just as much. The moral of the story is that one should not depend on outside confirmation in making decisions and should learn to deal with the environment and society instead of trying to flee from it. This theme has become very topical during the lockdown period.

The premiere of Echo will be part of the Grachtenfestival 2021.



Fourth round Maker zoekt Maker - 65 matches found!

Another very special project this time; the Colors of Music, a colaboration between urban artist Jacopo Grilli (Academie van Bouwkunst) and Duo Era (cellist Khrystyna Kulchynska & harpist Dafne Paris CvA).

As musicians the duo would like to engage a wider audience by using visual arts and animation. As urban designer Jacopo wanta to make use of music and images to fill a void in unused or unusual spaces of the city. They started from the theory of sound-to-color synesthesia, in which sound evokes an experience of color, shape and movement. Artists like Kandinsky and composers like Scriabin and Ligeti claimed to see music as colours and used synesthesia in their works.

The Colors of Music wants to translate this concept from their rehearsa;room to urban spaces. Classical music should not be confined to theatre halls but also performed in open spaces. By doing this we can reach a broader audience thanks to the medium of visual art!

2021 started out banging with the announcement of the new winner; the fascinating project Aircilla of Music Performance Artist Gemma Luz Bosch (HKU) and Mechanical Mime-maker and installation artist Jurriaan de Vos (AHK).

Aircilla is a kinetic installation with which they want to submerge the audience in a 'swarm of sound'. The installation consists of roughly 250 ceramic hanging soundobjects that are put in motion by a big mechanic system. The soundobjects move flowingly and wavy through the air, by which they collide and create sound.
The sound is send into space in a very subtile way by ajusting the speed and mecanics of the installation carefully. The playful tension of the touching and not-touching and synchronized and unsynchronized movements of the soundobjects is exciting and intriging to watch.


In this second Maker zoekt Maker round the quarterly prize went to the Unknown Stories project of Het Nachtlicht Ensemble & photografer Petra Beckers!

A cop that drives by with sirens on, an architect that fled from Egypt or a homeless person walking throught town. All diffrent people with a special story. Everybody knows that they have been though a lot but no one knows the story behind their lives. With Unknown Stories het Nachtlicht Ensemble wants to tell these stories. With compositions and photographs they plan to take the audience with them on a beautiful journey.


Congratulations!! The Epos Ensemble (wind quintet) & Nynke Koopmans (scenographer) won the very first Maker zoekt Maker support! The Keep an Eye Foundation is very enthusiastic about this creative collaboration for the project 'de Wraak van Lorre' that needs a very special foldable decor and costumes to make Tosca Menten's childrensbook come to life in a storytelling concert for the entire family (+6)

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