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In four steps to an inspiring collaboration
We are your matchmaker! We help composers find their perfect lyrics writer, a circusclown find his/her costume designer, an upcoming band their photographer etcetera.. When two parties have found each other via our platform they can send in their projectplan and budget to apply for financial support up to € 2.500,-! Two times a year 4 projects are selected to receive this wonderful prize!


Are you a student or alumnus (maximum 5 years) on one of the Dutch Art Institutes, and are you looking for a match for your project (also a student or alumnus)?

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Find your Match

When you applied your project it will be shown at 'Find a Project' and will be promoted at art schools. Qualified possible matches will contact you via the form!


Found your match? Together you work on the 'new' projectplan and budget estimate that you can send to us. In the budget estimate we need to see clearly what amount you are asking for and how you will spend it.


An independant committee will look at and judge alle applications and will decide what project gets the € 2.500,- financial support. Two times a year 4 projects will recieve this financial support.

Request a grant

When you have found your match you can apply for a grant (€ 2500,-). Every year there are 2 'rounds' in which 4 projects will recieve financial support, and they come with deadlines, the next or withch are:

April 1st

October 1st

N.B. You will be notified within four weeks after the said deadline.

N.B. #2 Requests that come in after a deadline will automatically be part of next periods applications.

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