Transdisciplinary Community Artist is looking for Illustrator

A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by Thomas Diafas

Arnhem Queer Arts Festival

Thomas Diafas


About this project:

Artists, curators, educators, collectives and organisations, are invited to reflect on the question "what is diversity?" by engaging in a conversation on how their projects deal with the subject and offer new perspectives. What social issues do we challenge through a queer arts festival?

Thomas is looking for: : "I would like to find a person that will take over the visual identity of the festival, creating posters and visual material for the social media. Ideal match would be a person that is comfortable with social media and will propose innovative ideas. Young, enthusiast and Queer!"
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   Yes. I am studying, or finished my education within the last 5 years, at one of the Dutch Art Institutes.

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