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Jeremy Leung


About this project:

irido is part of my thesis : An investigation on Transformation Design in Conventional Recording Studios Technically it has different contributions : > Insertion Loss in Near Field condition > Diffuse Field in Far Field condition And you can hear it here : Artistically it’s a Multi-sensory installation (Visual, Auditory, Olfactory) with Ecology in Mind. I'm planning to reach out to museums and creative spaces to showcase irido and let a boarder range of audience to experience it. If you are a spatial designer / curator would like to bring this experience to your space please feel free to reach out to me :)

Jeremy is looking for: : "Someone that's well connected in the art scene and would like and capable to help irido to reach a broader audience by adding spatial design for designated rooms/areas."
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   Yes. I am studying, or finished my education within the last 5 years, at one of the Dutch Art Institutes.

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