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A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by Adrián Moncada Espinosa

"Rebolada" searching for Video Artist

Adrián Moncada Espinosa


About this project:

We would like to collaborate with a videomaker on a few minutes long promo video that represents our work as a duo. It will include our music performed live, as well as explanations of our creative process and a visual world appealing to our audience interested in folklore and experimental music. The video will be used as a promotional strategy building up to a presentation in Splendor (Amsterdam) in June 2023 and to book concerts and attract new audiences to our music.

Adrián is looking for: : "We are looking for a video maker who would create a promotional video for our project Rebolada. More concretely a few minute long video presenting our work, process and performance style. Our music is experimental, we would like the visual world in the video to reflect its qualities creatively. Therefore, we would like to collaborate closely with this person to create an interdisciplinary visual and sonic world for the promotional video. Preferably, the video maker is already used to working with live music and synchronized sound. Alternatively we would be interested in working with a video maker and a recording engineer. In the future, we would like to add a creative visual layer to our performances -for example, a video installation running parallel to the music. We are curious about experimenting with a visual counterpart to our musical creative process. Some of the concepts which could inspire the resulting visual world are: surrealist scenes, our playing, daily life scenes and footage of traditional situations from Spanish archives. Nevertheless, with the help of Maker zoekt maker, we would only focus on the promotional video and possibly start exploring the visual world described above for further developments if the collaboration is fruitful."
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