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A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by Sabina Mikelic
"The perfect match for my project would be someone who is experienced in 3D animation, but as well is familiar with 2D animation because we would need to find the right aesthetics and language for the film. I would preferably work with someone who is alumni and has quite some experience. My first idea was to work with someone who is familiar with the subject of the film, that theme speaks to her or him, (could be a woman looking for her "place", or is as well a newcomer to the Netherlands or comes from a family that moved from another country from the Netherlands)...but that's not a must. The person should have a good sense of rhythm, editing, and working with sound. I would like to work with someone who is flexible and inspired. The idea is to make an animated sequence that would consist of different architectural spaces and would be accompanied by different sounds. "

Looking for Her

Sabina Mikelic


I am producing an experimental documentary "Looking for Her". Logline: A group of women of different backgrounds integrating into a new country share their voices about belonging in a flux world. Synopsis: Women from all over the world came to the Netherlands in search of a better life. I am one of them. I am deeply feeling I don’t belong anymore, neither in my homeland Croatia nor in my new country. Troubled by the desire to belong and to find my place I took the Dutch language class. There I met Sannimari, a Finnish girl. As we began to connect, we saw that we are dealing with the same feelings of loss, loneliness, and disintegration. At the same time though, we are experiencing the benefits of living in a prosperous country different from our homelands. In the film, we meet women as Sannimari, of different backgrounds, races, professions, and ages, all sharing one place in common, a place of looking for a place. Driven by the strength of the women and their views on the world, this film becomes a polyphony of women's voices; women all in different voices weave one song, the song, and melody of the film. While telling this story, this film is at the same time revealing. Revealing the women collaborating with each other and the filmmaker collaborating with them, and revealing the method of film-making. This film is going to have an animated sequence representing "the space of belonging", I am looking for an animator that can help me to develop this sequence.

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