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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Chloë Abbott
"Our perfect match is a costume designer who likes to work with colour and attractive designs to engage with children. They will have a playful and collaborative way of working, with an openness to explore and experiment. It would make us incredibly happy if the designer were to work with recycled or eco-friendly materials for this project."

A Voyage Through The Night Sky (Kaolin Ensemble)

Chloë Abbott


Kaolin Ensemble are developing A Voyage Through The Night Sky, a theatrical interpretation of Stockhausen’s Tierkreis specifically developed for children. Our performance will invite the audience to accompany us on a journey of the zodiac, a voyage through the stars, visiting a different constellation of stars in each movement. This dynamic show will bring the music of Stockhausen to a younger audience with interactive and engaging elements of storytelling, dance and theatre. We are looking for a costume designer to join our collaboration. We want this production to be a long term project with the goal of having performances worldwide at music festivals and arts festivals for children.

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