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Place/Make (Working title)

Melody Nolan


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I would like to create a site-adaptive circus installation in collaboration with a visual artist or scenographer. A 15-minute cycle of circus performance takes place in an invented space within the four walls of a vacant storefront room. Transforming a vacant space into a specific world existing outside of the external reality allows the audience to imagine the multitude of potential realities that exist behind any given window. I am seeking a collaborator to co-create the visual world of the performance installation.

Melody is looking for: : "I'm looking for a person who's fascinated by the intersection of movement and visual expression, and in creating spaces that connect people to their communities. Someone who is interested in the influence of space on the artistic disciplines of visual arts and circus, and curious about their surroundings and the way they interact with the physical places that surround us all. I would love to work with someone who is open to experimentation and values a collaborative mindset. "
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