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A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by Elena Gelmi

Promoting myself

Elena Gelmi


About this project:

"Promoting myself" is a project constituted of 3 actions with the goal of connecting better a young professional in the world of work: 1) creation of a personal website 2) professional video recording and photo shot 3) economic support for continuing studying the Dutch language

Elena is looking for: : "I need a Sound Engineer who is able to make a professional recording and able to record an acustic instrument with experience in classical music. Usually they work with a professional Photographer who is able to edit a video of the recording since I would have that. I need also a Webdesigner who is able to create a website with a double profile since I would like to promote myself as professional musician and music teacher. "

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   Yes. I am studying, or finished my education within the last 5 years, at one of the Dutch Art Institutes.

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