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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Mor Schwartz Foulser

Evolutionary map (Online/offline)

Mor Schwartz Foulser


Over dit project:

I am looking to create a digital edition of an evolutionary map of the European artisanal fashion market across the 21st Century to date, with attention to leather crafts and perhaps expand this into a printed edition. The aim is to create a learning platform that offers a wandering research experience and a new view on related phenomena such as the technological revolution.

Mor zoekt: : "I am looking for someone who will see this as an opportunity to create a digital map using various algorithms that can support these online experiences and/or someone who is looking to expand his visual language to artisanal and radical areas. It needs to be someone who generally finds joy in creative exploration and can make the time to work on this project. This will be a remote collaboration mostly."

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