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Music for speeches

Agnese Valmaggia


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I’m looking for a video maker / video editor, who should work with existing material (mainly interviews) in order to make it fit with the music (composed specifically on the interviews). The final result will be a performance of “music for speeches”: a band playing original music whose melodies fit with the speaking voice. On top of this, the video will show (parts of) the real interview, interacting with the music.

Agnese is looking for: : "I’m a drummer and composer, specifically interested in the connection between my music and the meaning I want to give to it. In particular, I like writing music inspired by the human speaking voice. I’m working on some tunes based on interviews, in which the music really follows the words and not (like it usually happens) the opposite. The goal is to create a whole performance based on tunes composed this way. To make it more interesting and meaningful, I think it’s important to add a visual part with the actual interviews, that interacts with the music and gives more sense to it. For this I need a video editor / video maker who is able to work with existing material (cutting it, looping it, changing it) and that can create the right video material for the performance (one video per tune). Since the video has to be synchronised with the music, I need a person who can understand music and rhythm a little bit, but with his/her own ideas on how to create each video differently."
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