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"My ideal match would be someone who: -enjoys collaborating and building concepts with other artists -is open-minded and flexible -has access to professional quality equipment (for filming) -has some experience making professional quality art films (or at least high quality student art films) -enjoys working with abstract concepts -is interested in exploring the concept of anxiety from micro and macro perspectives "

Anxiety: A Visual Concept Album

Sydney Plummer


Summary of Project I would like to create an interdisciplinary concept album based on anxiety. This visual album will feature film, photography, music and soundscapes as the primary media. Motivations Tension and resolution are foundational aspects of music. These aspects echo the stress of daily living in modern times—times in which anxiety and poor mental health appear to be on the rise, and solutions to these ails are increasingly in demand. Artistically, anxiety features prominently as a subject in almost all genres. It is a universally relatable experience, and it evokes very strong, very real emotions that practically demand artistic expression. Personally, anxiety has been an ongoing motif of my life for about seven years. It was not until I took on my first “real”, full-time job as an elementary school teacher in New York City, that my relationship with anxiety changed from “occasional occurrence” to “persistent struggle”. This began in New York, but has blossomed in the past 3 years since I moved to Amsterdam. It is difficult to name one thing as the cause of this exacerbation; I left my country of origin, my friends and family, and moved across the ocean with no job and no security, to pursue an idée fixe. The process of starting a new life in a new place is stressful enough. Add to this the deeply confrontational experience of becoming a musician, of learning how to communicate the essence of your immaterial soul through melody, harmony, and rhythm. This journey has forced me to face myself and to make an effort to understand who and what I am, because whatever “art” I am capable of is only accessible from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. I struggle with these things, but not quietly or in isolation. I have been fairly outspoken about how anxiety affects me and have found that this unsettled feeling, this restlessness, is common among my friends, colleagues and classmates. With this project, I would like to illustrate this anxiety, both personally and generally and I want to use music, and visuals to give it a form and a face. Future Applications and Objectives Besides the practical experience of seeing an idea through from concept to execution, I think that this project could be extremely cathartic for me and my collaborators. The insights into the experience of anxiety, our triggers and coping mechanisms will be inevitable. I am hoping that this process will strengthen me creatively and provide a basis for deeper self-awareness. I also hope to create something that is relevant and relatable to many people. I would like the finished project to be something that that is both objectively descriptive and therapeutic.

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