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A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by Sydney Plummer

Anxiety: A Visual Concept Album

Sydney Plummer


About this project:

The project is a visual album consisting of 7 songs which explore the concept of anxiety from different perspectives. This is a collaborative visual album bringing together local artists from music, fashion, dance, and film to explore anxiety at the micro and macro levels. We intend to use the tension/resolution aspects of these mediums to convey the experience of anxiety in different contexts. This visual concept album will leave our audience confronted, supported and hopefully feeling less alone in the experience of anxiety in modern living.

Sydney is looking for: : ""Our ideal match enjoys collaborating and building concepts with other artists, and is open-minded and flexible. He/she/they have access to professional quality equipment (i.e. DAW software and maybe access to studio space) and has some experience with and/or interest/specialty in pop/r&b/neo-soul music. If you enjoy working with abstract concepts and are interested in exploring the concept of anxiety from micro and macro perspectives, this project might be for you!"

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   Yes. I am studying, or finished my education within the last 5 years, at one of the Dutch Art Institutes.

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