Pianist, Composer and Arranger is looking for Filmmaker

A 'Maker Zoekt Maker' project by S'yo Fang
""I am looking for a creative, responsible, and passionate filmmaker/video artist who is interested into the collaboration between visual & music, moreover, able to film and edit a music video""

S'yo Fang Group: The Musicalization of Contemporary Poetry

S'yo Fang

S'yo :

I love reading poetry. In the project “The Musicalization of Contemporary Poetry”, I selected few of my favorite and make it possible into different language such as English, Dutch, and Mandarin. I would like to a music video based on one of the piece called “Zeelandia” which projects on history through a narration of one night stand, I find it fascinating and interesting. I would like to make an interesting music video based on this long poetry. The music will be composed by me, and performed by S’yo Fang Group including musicians that I have been working with for years. On my website, you can find more info. about S’yo Fang Group.

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