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The Carnival of the Animals for Children

Alina Holender


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I am aiming to offer children classical music education by presenting them a great work of the romantic - the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. I think this work is very suitable for children and think it is especially important in times of Corona to give them the opportunity to listen to live concerts, which is now barely possible. Also for me and my ensemble it will be interesting to perform this piece in front of children and I will personally gain a lot of experience by organising this project.

Alina zoekt: : "I am looking for a Dutch actor/actress that would be willing to moderate our concert, respectively recite the text for the children. He or she ideally should be self confident and get along well with children. The text is in Dutch and I would also like to include a bit of improvisation and question-asking with the children."
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