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jazz quintet needs album artwork

Marco Ullstein


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My band and I have just come back from the studio recording our new album. To further enhance the artistic experience of our music, I would love to create graphic material that reflects our sound. This will primarily involve artwork for the album cover. I would also be interested in expanding this work according to the artist's specialization, which could include animations, videos, and visuals. We are a modern Jazz Quintet based in Den Haag, consisting of vibraphone, tenor saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums. We perform our own compositions with influences from various genres, featuring many improvised sections. Get a taste of our music: https://youtu.be/F7zlXwmQna4

Marco zoekt: : "I am looking for a collaboration with an illustrator/artist/painter who is interested in translating our music into artwork. For me, the album cover is a crucial aspect of the album's creation as it provides the listener with a first impression and communicates the music's meaning. It would be fantastic to utilize the completed artwork to also create animations or videos to accompany the music release, but this is optional."
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