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Last Supper

Solar Vlaar


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I would like to make a short fiction film inspired by the last supper. The synopsis surrounding it is still open, but what is certain is that at a certain point a setting arises that resembles the biblical scene of the last supper as interpreted by Da Vinci. Both the director and writer, Sybren van der Velde, are in the theater business, and the plan is to approach the making of the film from the theater. We want to create the screenplay of the film by working on the floor with the same basic concept. We want to write out the screenplay of the film based on the freedom and (even more) the limitations that the theater offers.

Solar zoekt: : "We are looking for a skilled (jack-of-all-trades) filmmaker who wants to play a major role in the film-making process. You will be both the cinematographer but also the image director, and want to think along with the scenario and the style/genre. We plan to enter into an equal partnership and offer a lot of freedom. Given our ambitions in the film, we see this as a sustainable collaboration, with more films to come! We think it would be nice if our match also has ambitions to eventually submit the film to (international) film festivals. Films that inspire us that are worth mentioning to perhaps find shared inspirations are: Funeral Parade of Roses, Withnail and I, Ichi the Killer, Wings of Desire, The Holy Mountain, Wings of Desire, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Church of Paradise, Chungking Express, Naked, Hold me Tight, Enter the Void. The production period is flexible!" "

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