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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van David Albulescu

A Plant Fantasy Concert

David Albulescu


Over dit project:

I would like to have to create a 20 minutes composition that explores the possibility of bringing green energy as one of the main attractions of the project, making others aware of plants' behavior. The line-up is a piano/synth (played by me) and a plant that generates music with the help of a converter and electrodes. The idea is a continuation of a funded research project that I made at Codarts University ( In this composition I will explore different improvisation techniques that help me communicate with the plant sonically.

David zoekt: : ""The musical output needs to be transformed in a video that captures the story behind the bio-artistic discourse. I am looking for someone who can come up with solutions for solving possible issues that can pop up. We will work as a team that constantly work around feedback and if you enjoy making videos for electronic music artists, this can be for you". "
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