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How's Life?

Kiki Deirdre


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"How's Life?" is an interdisciplinary project that tells the story of Suzie Saol, a young woman who's searching for the meaning of her memories from her earlier years. The project consists of a novel and an album with the same title, and they come together in a performance on June 27, 2024. During this performance, the story comes to life through the fusion of music and readings/recitations from the novel. The music, performed by various musicians, blends folk sounds with alternative musical elements, creating a unique experience. Throughout the performance a native speaker will read parts of the story, and the audience actively engages with the story through the interaction between the narrator and various locations within the space where the performance takes place.

Kiki Deirdre zoekt: : "If you have a background in light engineering and a passion for storytelling through light, we might be the perfect match! I'm looking for someone with a background in the creative field, preferably with some experience, and a willingness to think creatively and innovatively to enhance the project. While we'll collaborate on the performance, you should also be comfortable working independently. Initiative is highly valued, and your input – both creative and practical – is encouraged and appreciated."
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