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Composer looking for interdisciplinary artist

Ante Medic


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For the past year I’ve been composing and playing mostly jazz and improvised musicfor large ensembles. Currently, I am looking to compose music for smaller groups e.a. solo, duo or trio performances.    Already for a while now I’ve been experimenting with different compositional techniques used extensively in minimal music (the most notable composers of that style being Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass). The non-linear and rather circular nature of the music is my main motive of exploration, in contrast to the more traditional forms of songwriting I’ve been practising in the past period. I believe cooperating with someone on this project would help me streamline my ideas into a more defined artistic endeavour. Please see my website for my portfolio:

Ante zoekt: : "For this project I would like to cooperate with an interdisciplinary artist. I am interested in a wide variety of disciplines, from installation and performance art, to theatre and cinematic productions. I had a very fruitful experience scoring music for a short movie and I would like to expand on that. I am looking for an artist that is willing to work alongside me with their own project."
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