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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Elena Štrok

The Bura Suite

Elena Štrok


Over dit project:

I am aiming to create an audio-visual installation and performance that I will then apply to different festivals for the next season. The piece itself is to become a poetic commentary on life and human experience in connection to natural phenomena - an exploration of our human curiosity and urge for knowledge about our past, future and the very inception of life and universe we live in. The performance follows an abstract, yet very tangible story that could at the same time be from a far away past and a distant future, resembling the archaic style of legends. The visual segments of light and the set will be a major component of storytelling, even more so than the text, and I hope to find a person that will be able to create a similarly strong musical score.

Elena zoekt: : "I have prior experience in both performing and performance making, as well as creating visual segments for a show, but I was always lacking quality musical direction while creating performances. I am looking for artists that, like me, enjoy experimenting with the very ways they create art and that strive to create something that will take their own practice a step further. The perfect match would be a composer/musician that is interested into creating a suite for an interdisciplinary performative work. "
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