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Lotus Rooijakkers


Over dit project:

I like the tension between the theater and art and between the business world and art. These worlds should come together much more. For me it is a shame art academies are not shared with business, schools, theater or healthcare schools. This is why I am already working together with actors from the Toneel Academie in Amsterdam to merge together two art forms. I want to take it a step further and merge together the business, office atmosphere into the gallery space. The role of an artist is not only about making the ‘crafts’. It is mostly spending time in an office-setting where you would write applications, funding and budget plans for upcoming projects. It is actually what I am doing right now. So, I am applying for Gallery 1. The space will be divided with office-like desks. There will be tile carpet and office kind of sounds. The people working in the office are doing their job, however, they can interact with the audience. These will be actors. It will be a busy (a lot of work to be finished each day) ongoing installation. The audience can not escape from the fact they are suddenly also walking in this 9 to 5 mentality. It is a reality check towards the audience of what an artist's life could look like as well. This point of view is not necessarily a bad thing, it is something I find important and interesting to confront people with and I secretly enjoy the office mentality. Compared to the other galleries, the lowered ceiling of gallery 1 is a perfect pattern and lighting for the installation. A selection of 100 fire extinguishers will be inside the installation all over the office space for extra safety. Working with fire extinguishers gives me space to play around with the concept of (false) security. When are we finding ourselves in a safe environment? This installation can not be in ‘just an office space’ somewhere else in the academy since this is not the atmosphere I want to create. Combining the white cube and the office is very crucial. Also there will be paintings hanging on the walls, the ones you often see in offices. It is possible to buy these paintings immediately, one of the actors can help you with buying them, signing contracts etc. Paintings still need to hang until the end of the exhibition. I think the business and art world have lots of similarities. I am wandering around with certain aspects which reflect in my artworks. Certain questions like: Is it possible to become more successful than other artists through certain aspects? What kind of worlds do you have to enter if you want to be seen as an artist? Why do we have such a bad connotation with networking and what does it contain to network? When are you a successful artist?

Lotus zoekt: : "Competenties Energiek en interesse in beeldende kunst. Doorzettingsvermogen en nieuwsgierig en sociaal."

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