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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Muireann Nic an Bheatha

The Plasticene

Muireann Nic an Bheatha


Over dit project:

My work revolves around creating immersive worlds (through installations) involving various types of plastics. I am currently working with performing inside of these worlds, and would like to collaborate with other performers who could also perform/exist with and inside of my works. The performances involve exploring how to exist with plastic materials, creating them, working with them, melting them and eating them. Are these materials 'bad' or do they also have potential for creative collaboration and experimentation? I want to explore what is plastic and what is plasticity, especially in relation to the body.

Muireann zoekt: : "I would like to collaborate with dancers or performers who would be interested in improvising performances inside of the worlds I create. This would be collaborative instead of me directing you. I would also like to collaborate with others on creating the materials, methods which I am happy to teach to you so that you can make the performance your own."
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