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Rosa Vrij


Over dit project:

HUIS III is an interactive performance that is sent as a postal package and passed from participant to participant. The work is a response to how the lockdown has affected our relationship to our home and our body, inviting the audience to feel their bodies in a more profound way and explore their physical reality. Within the walls of their own home, the audience assembles a building kit that, when put together, forms an extension of their body. With this costume they explore the room around them, guided by a meditative audio instruction. HOUSE III is part of my long-term research into the relationship between the body and architecture. The package consists of parts that make up the costume, an instruction booklet, an audio file and a disposable camera. The performance includes four steps that become clear through the instruction booklet: Step 1: The structure. Through drawings and text, the participant is instructed how to put the costume together. Step 2: The Performance. An audio instruction guides the participant in performing with the costume. The costume is an extension of the body and is used as an instrument to explore their home. Step 3: Integration. After the performance is completed, the participant is given the task of giving the costume a place in their home so that it will relate to the architecture. It will hang as a piece of art for a week. The participant takes a picture of the work in the their home with the enclosed camera. Step 4: The participant repackages all parts and sends the parcel to the next participant. A message can be left in the notebook.

Rosa zoekt: : "I am looking for a visual artist, architect, costume designer or scenographer to design (and make) the "costume" for my interactive performance. Costume I mean in the broadest sense of the word: an unfolding object that is an extension of the body, inviting the audience to explore the limitations and possibilities of movement in their homes. This is a very important part of this project, the costume/scenography is always my starting point (instead of it being secondary). It is also important that the maximum dimensions and weight of a postal package are taken into account in the design. The person I’m looking for has an affinity with the intersection of architecture and movement and likes to work interdisciplinary and experimental. He/she/they can connect with the theme and translate it into a concrete and elaborated proposal. In collaborations I look for mutual connection and curiosity. "

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