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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Natalija Gucheva
"I would like to work with someone who is eager to collaborate, open to new ideas and is very technical in their field. I want to have a sparring partner with who I can deepen the context of the work, and find new solutions on the way to doing so. In the same time, I am quite hard working and punctual, so I would appreciate If someone can respond with the same attitude. Since I am going to be graduating this year, it does require immediate attention. "

Hybid Cooking: How to Create a Recipe for a Contemporary Playground?

Natalija Gucheva


Using the notion of cooking as a method of materialising, I explore the interaction between topics that I'm interested in with a spectral thinking approach which allows me to use eclectic sources to support a new narrative. In within this research as a secondary element I explore the meaning of objects, tension between spirituality and artificiality and cyber space as a limitless environment. I seek someone who can work on this project with me with a technical background, preferably animator or digital artist.

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