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Paloma Lazaro Arteaga


Over dit project:

RITUAL is a project about merging different art disciplines to create a whole experience, awakening our ritualistic nature, listening to intuition and rediscovering the concept of doing art. It consists of a music album of 6 songs and 6 videos with dancers, one for each song. I want them to be full of symbolism, and references to nature, raw images, simple but powerful, related to myths, magic, femenine and masculine energy, the sun and the moon, chamanism, astrology, light and darkness. Six songs as the 6 steps of a ritual ceremony and based in the 4 elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

First we will record the music and then we will make videos, one for each song with dancers and myself dancing. A ritual is a set of actions that have symbolic value. The performance of the ritual is prescribed by a religion or by a community because of the efficacy of those actions. Ritual has been essential in human societies for 99,9 percent of their history. Humans are naturally ritualistic, is in our blood. A ritual connects us with the spirit, with mystery, with everything that we do not know. For a ritual to work you have to surrender, to allow something to happen without interfering in the process. That’s how I feel with music, I surrender, is a ritual for me, a way of transcending, the beginning of a note, the trance, a hand that rotates between space and silence, a way to reach the world beyond that is only available through music. I want to dive in the music that is related to myths, to magic, to healing. Music as the living memory of our ancestors, as a social force that unites us in the deepest level. A song can contain a cataclysm 

Paloma zoekt: : "I need a Filmmaker/Videographer that is open minded and that likes a challenge. Experienced on recording at a studio and outside in nature. With creative input and artistic view. I want someone that I can create with and together shape all the visuals of the project. Eager to experiment and work in a interdisciplinary way and rediscover the concept of doing art. Let's do this together!"
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