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Een 'Maker Zoekt Maker'-project van Hila Hutmacher
"I am hoping to find a professional artist who can give visual expression to my music. it's important that you will have some familiarity with jazz and performance. It's important for me that you will come with ideas, and at the same time also be open-minded. Workwise, it needs to feel nice and easy to work together. I am looking for someone who is reliable and devoted to his/her work. If you match all the above, you are the perfect match for me!"

Hila Hutmacher debut album "STRANGERS IN MY DREAMS"

Hila Hutmacher


"STRANGERS IN MY DREAMS" is my debut album in which I put together 8 original jazz lyrical compositions. the album deals with themes of liberation, love, anxiety, and hope. the song "strangers in my dreams" like other songs in this album has a dreamy atmosphere. the idea beyond it reflects our subconscious and its influence on our daily choices. with the release of this album and video clips, I aim to reach a wide audience and to perform my music in the Netherlands and abroad. I hope to cooperate with a variety of professional artists combining interdisciplinary arts. (videographer, director, stylist, photographer, graphic designer, producer, etc) This album is planned to be recorded on May 21-23 in Wisselord studios (in Hilversum). In this project, I hope to accomplish three full-length studio video clips, one directed video clip for the theme song (to be directed and produced after the album recording), and a printed album.

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